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James Park is an exceptionally well-rounded agent. He is known in the industry for his professionalism, consistently drawing on his years of real estate experience to provide an outstanding level of service to all stakeholders including builders and developers.

A degree in International Trade and an incomparable attention to detail initially saw James work as account and logistics manager with a number of multinationals including Coles Myer and Pacific Brands; where he honed his ability to build long lasting customer relationships with parties from all levels of business.

James says that one of the most important things he discovered in his time servicing clients around the world was to “listen and learn.” As he says “When it comes to real estate I can only be effective if I listen to what my clients have to say. It’s only when I focus on learning what their individual needs are that I can tailor my services appropriately and deliver them an outcome above and beyond what they expected”

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