Ending Your Tenancy

Remember that you will be responsible for paying rent until all of the keys and any security remotes are returned to our office. We recommend getting started early if you intend to vacate the property.

Packing often takes longer than anticipated and if you are behind schedule you will cause yourself undue stress and extra costs.


Some useful information

2 weeks before vacating

Make a list of everyone that you need to inform of your new address. When you get new mail in the next two weeks, check that the sender is on your list.


Fill out a Mail Redirection Form with Australia Post. This will ensure that any mail from people you haven’t notified will still reach you. Contact your utility providers (telephone, power, gas) and inform them of your moving date so that final readings can be carried out. Arrange for these services to be connected in your new home.


Book moving trucks or let friends who have offered to help know the date that you will be moving.

Make a booking with a professional carpet cleaner when you know when the property will be vacant.


1 week before

Get all the boxes, tape etc that you will need and begin packing anything that won’t be needed in the next week. Return all library books, rented videos or other borrowed items.


Moving day

Following our Final Inspection Checklist will help to ensure that you are ready for the property final inspection and also so that you can get your security bond refunded in full and without unnecessary delay.


Read through the Ingoing Condition Report that you received at the beginning of the tenancy to make sure that the condition of the property is generally the same (taking into consideration fair wear and tear). Some of these items can be attended to prior to your moving day to save time, but make sure you won’t end up having to clean things twice if they get dirty during the move.

To get your full bond back quickly you will need to have fulfilled the following-


1. All rent paid up to and including your vacate/lease end date. Please note that if you are breaking a fixed term lease, this date will be the day before a new tenant takes possession.

2. Pay all advertising and letting fee charges (if you are breaking a fixed term lease)

3. Pay any outstanding water usage/supply costs

4. Pass completely our comprehensive final inspection. Please ensure you follow in detail our Final Inspection Checklist

5. Pay any other charges outstanding relating to the tenancy which you are responsible for

We are unable to release the bond until all of the above has been fully satisfied

6. Return all keys and remotes given at the start of the tenancy and any copies of keys or extra remotes that have been made during the tenancy.

Notice in Writing  

If you wish to vacate the property whether you wish to break a fixed term lease, leave at the end of your fixed term agreement, or give notice on a periodic (non-fixed term) agreement, we require you to inform us in writing or via email to your Property Manager. Minimum notice required is 28 days from date of notice.


Leaving at the expiry of your fixed term agreement

If you wish to vacate at the end of your lease, please inform us in writing at least 28 days before the end date of your agreement.


Breaking your fixed term agreement

If you wish to break your lease, you can expect to pay some or all of the following costs:


Rent until the property is re-let.

Advertising costs to re-let the property.

The letting fee of no more than 2 weeks rent +GST (payable pro-rata)


You will also be required to maintain the property until it is re-let, including care of the property and gardens and maintaining the supply of services such as power to the property.


Breaking your lease can be a costly experience and we encourage you to contact the Property Manager to discuss your options should you feel that you are unable to continue with the lease.


Ending a periodic tenancy

You can end a periodic tenancy without having to give a reason, however you need to give at least 28 days notice (in writing/via email).


Giving access to prospective tenants

We ask that you grant us access to showing the property to prospective tenants at least 28 days prior to your vacating/end of the lease. This allows us to secure a tenant to move in as soon as possible after the property becomes vacant. We will advise you well in advance on the times for the open for inspections.