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With a focus on high standards and quality service, Darren Jones Real Estate is committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations, and has been since opening in Greensborough in 1991.

Darren Jones and his staff with their vast local knowledge and real estate expertise form a dynamic, innovative and progressive company. With extensive marketing experience and negotiating skills, our organization has become a market leader, specialising in the sale of residential, rural and commercial properties throughout Banyule, Whittlesea and Nillumbik Shires.

At Darren Jones Real Estate we understand it is important that you feel comfortable with the sale process and therefore we offer you a choice of marketing campaigns and can recommend a method of sale best suited to your property.

Our company has been the preferred selling agent in the local area for 25 years.

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An auction campaign is generally structured over a 4-5 week period and the aim is to build excitement, create competition and a sense of urgency amongst buyers. The advantages are:

  • No upper price limit is set enabling the result to often exceed vendor expectations

  • A fixed date puts you in control of the time of sale

  • The promotion and advertising associated with an auction will bring your property to the attention of the greatest possible number of buyers

  • Your sale will be unconditional, on your preferred terms of settlement and with no cooling off period

  • You still have the option of negotiating a sale before the auction, as we encourage offers during the marketing campaign

Offers Close

This campaign is structured similar to a tender process with marketing over a 4-5 week period. At the end of the marketing campaign, we have a closing date for offers to be submitted. The advantages are:

  • Your property is promoted in a positive manner with a price range rather than an asking price

  • By having a price range we do not have the restriction of an asking price that creates a price ceiling

  • Setting a date for offers, creates a deadline and encourages buyers to act decisively

  • Buyers are encouraged to negotiate immediately or they can register their interest and will be given the opportunity of submitting an offer before or on the closing date

  • You still have the option of negotiating a sale prior to the date that offers close as we encourage offers throughout the campaign

  • We will discuss the merits of each offer with you and you have the option to sell at any time

Private Sale

With private sales, in consultation with yourself, we set a price range or asking price. We then conduct negotiations with interested parties on your behalf. The advantages are:

  • Pricing can be set to maximise the volume of enquiries, giving your home its best chance of attracting a purchaser at the right price level

  • You are not locked into a specific date of sale giving you time to consider the price, settlement terms and any special conditions offered

  • The confidential nature of this method enables privacy for vendors who would prefer to keep some or all of the specific details of the sale of their home, to themselves

  • All offers are passed on for your consideration

Two Stage Strategy

This approach involves an initial period of introducing qualified buyers to your property, prior to a formal marketing campaign.

  • Buyers are matched against our extensive database

  • Your home can be sold quietly to preserve your privacy if you wish

  • If after this initial phase of marketing an acceptable offer isn’t achieved you have the option of adopting a Private Sale, Auction or Closing Date Sale.

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