Presentation Tips


Our company provides a styling service, offering advice on presentation to enhance the appeal of your property.

The right presentation of the interior of your home creates a positive environment and may mean the difference between a great result and an average one. Some tips which could place you in front of your competition include:

Living Room

  • de-clutter – improve the perception of space
  • for inspections, adjust the temperature to improve comfort
  • maximize the use of natural light


  • clear bench space to help the kitchen look user friendly
  • add a splash of color with a bowl of fresh fruit
  • clean all of the appliances in the kitchen including the oven, cooktops and rangehood


  • ensure that the home smells and looks fresh and clean
  • clean the windows and mirrors throughout the home
  • steam clean the carpets if necessary
  • brighten up the home with some fresh flowers
  • paint any areas within the home that are flaking, marked or simply look dull


A well presented exterior will help your property stand out from the others that are on the market.

The presentation of your property can be the difference between achieving an average selling price and achieving a result beyond your expectations. We suggest that you try to view your property through buyers eyes. Ask yourself, what will the buyer see?

The First Impression

“A first impression is normally the one that lasts. It is therefore critical in the judgement of your property, and ultimately makes a difference in the decision making process of a purchaser.”


  • highlight the positives, minimize the negatives
  • freshen paintwork if required
  • clean the windows and repair any that are broken
  • ensure the gutters are clean
  • remove any cobwebs


  • add color by re-mulching the garden beds and adding colorful plants
  • maintain a neat lawn
  • trim trees and shrubs which cover the windows
  • repair and straighten the boundary fences if required
  • keep the garden shed and garage neat

Outdoor Living

  • with outdoor living being such a large part of our lifestyle these days, an attractive, well maintained entertaining area can make a difference